Piano lessons for ages 3 to 99 are available in Ellsworth at the Zumpe Studio on Shore Road.  Lessons are 45 minutes for most students, 30 minutes for children under the age of 5.  

Frequently asked questions for new piano students/parents:

Q:  Will I/my child need a piano?  

A:  School aged (not preschool students) and adult students will need a piano or a keyboard with weighted keys.  Digital keyboards with no weight resistance are not sufficient for piano lessons.  This page https://brianli.com/weighted-vs-unweighted-keys-digital-piano-keyboard/ has a great explanation of weighted vs. non-weighted keyboards.

Q:  What is the cost of lessons?

A:  The 2017-2018 piano lesson year is divided into 10 equal monthly payments September through June as follows:

School aged, Buddy Lesson, and intermediate adult lessons are 45 minutes, monthly tuition 2017-2018 is $96 per month. 

Preschool and beginner adult lessons are 30 minutes, monthly tuition 2017-2018 is $64 per month.

Q:  How much will I/my child need to practice?

A:  Young children need to practice about 10 minutes at the very beginning of piano instruction.  Older children should be able to focus for 15 minutes or more.  Eventually, piano practice should be in 20-30 minute sessions.  The important aspect of practice is that it be cumulative practice, in daily sessions at least 5 days a week between lessons.  

Q:  Will I need to, or may I sit in piano lessons with my child?

A:  Parents are invited to quietly observe piano lessons, especially for younger children.  Parents may also observe the lesson from the waiting room, or will be invited to come into the lesson for the last 5 minutes to receive instruction on how to help the child practice at home.  

Q:  How will I know what is expected between lessons?

A:  Lesson assignments and how to practice are recorded in the student's lesson binder.  Parents should plan to check the child's progress with the assignment through the week.